There are many disorders that can affect the airway of a horse. Certain conditions are more common in specific breeds or disciplines, whereas other conditions can happen to all horses (even backyard companions). Horses with a disorder of the upper airway may have a nasal discharge, make a noise while breathing, display exercise intolerance, or have intermittent or severe nose bleeds. With our portable 1 meter endoscope, we can pass a camera into the upper airway to determine what problem they may have.

Some common problems that we visualize include:

  • Left Laryngeal Hemiplagia (Roarer)
  • Epiglottic entrapment
  • Dorsal Displacement of the soft palate (DDSP)
  • Guttural pouch chondroids
  • Guttural pouch mycosis
  • Ethmoid hematoma
  • Nasal masses

This list is not exhaustive. If you notice nasal discharge, poor performance, coughing with exercise, or noise upon inhalation/exhalation (especially during work), there may be something deeper going on. If you are interested in having your horse scoped, please give us a call.

*Note: If you ever notice your horse having bloody nasal discharge please call us right away. Even if the trickle of blood is small, it may indicate a more serious, potentially fatal condition, and early diagnosis and intervention can be life saving*