McGee Equine is pleased to offer both digital coggins and digital health certificates.

The Coggins test is a blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia, a contagious and often fatal disease of horses, that is transmitted by insects. Annual Coggins testing is required for interstate movement of horses, and documentation of a current negative coggins is required for horse sales, shows, fairs, and boarding barns.

Digital Coggins, are the latest and greatest in testing for Equine Infectious Anemia. Photographs are taken of the horse at the time blood is drawn for testing, and are uploaded onto the host site. The bloodwork is sent to the laboratory where the test is performed, and the results are uploaded electronically onto the website. Your horse’s photos will be saved on the site, so every additional year that we do his coggins, we will only need to pull blood, making the process very quick and streamlined. As soon as the test is completed the results are available for you to download and print at home.

Benefits of digital coggins include improved animal identification compared to the previous hand drawn coggins. In addition, you will have access at all times to your horse’s completed coggins form. If your coggins is ever lost or damaged you can go to the myvetlink site and print another.

Please note, that in order for you to access your coggins, your email must exactly match the email that you gave us for your coggins. You also will need adobe acrobat in order to download the coggins, which is available in a PDF format.

How do I get my Coggins and/or Health Certificate?

A health certificate and current Coggins are required by each state when you are traveling to or through it with your horse, or if you are bringing your horse to a show, fair, sale, or many boarding barns. The health certificate states that the horse was free of infectious disease at the time of the examination by the veterinarian. Health Certificates are usually good for 30 days after they are issued, but it is always good to check with a state’s Department of Agriculture to get their requirements, as some states differ. If you are traveling to a horse show, the show itself may have specific requirements, so it is wise to check the with the show directly.

Health certificate appointments should be scheduled at least one week prior to the departure date. In order to complete the certificate you will need to have your current Coggins information (if we did not draw the Coggins), destination information (including contact person, barn address, phone number), departure dates, and hauler information (vehicle type, hauler name, address and phone number).