McGee Equine has two veterinarians available for routine or emergency veterinary care. We are fully equipped with radiology and ultrasound equipment and medications, making complete equine care on the farm convenient for all. Many of our services are listed below; however, other services are also available-please call us to discuss. We are accepting new patients! Payment is due at the time of service, we accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Preventative Medicine

  • Coggins: McGee Equine Is Pleased to Offer Digital Coggins
  • Digital Coggins by Global Vet Link are the latest and greatest in testing for Equine Infectious Anemia. Digital photographs are taken of the horse at the time blood is drawn for testing and are uploaded onto the host site. The bloodwork is sent to the laboratory where the actual test is performed and the results are uploaded electronically onto the GVL website. As soon as this is completed (within 24-48 hours) the results are available for you to print at home!
  • Benefits include improved animal identification compared to the previous hand drawn black and white pink coggins forms and owner/manager access at all times to the completed coggins forms. If the coggins is ever lost or damaged you can go back to the GVL site and print another!
  • Below are the traditional coggins and the digital coggins of our Clydesdale Duchess to demonstrate the difference

Click Here to sign up or login to My Vet Link to access your coggins and health certificates.

  • Vaccinations
  • Health Certificates
  • Yearly examinations
  • Routine and corrective dentistry using a mouth speculum and hand floats or power assisted motorized float
  • Sheath cleaning
  • Wellness visits
  • Soundness exams
  • Wellness bloodwork
  • Fecal Egg Counts-aimed at determining high, moderate, or low shedders, and anthelmintic resistance

Emergency Medicine 24/7

  • Colic workup and treatment
  • Dystocia management
  • Neurologic abnormalities
  • Choke
  • Laceration repair
  • Euthanasia
  • Any other emergency

Reproductive Management

  • Routine breeding with cooled shipped semen
  • Management of the problem mare
  • Twin reduction
  • Prefoaling and postfoaling examination
  • Neonatal examinations

Sports Medicine

  • Lameness exams
  • Diagnostic nerve blocks
  • Digital radiography
  • Shockwave therapy
  • PRP injections
  • Digital ultrasound
  • Joint injections
  • Prepurchase examinations

Field Surgery

  • Castration
  • Caslicks
  • Enucleation
  • Minor mass removal
  • Laceration repair


  • Complete blood count
  • Chemistry panel
  • Specialty testing: Cushing’s/Insulin resistance testing,┬áCornell Multiplex test for lyme disease, many others available

Small animal services

  • Routine vaccinations
  • 4dx snap test (heartworm, lyme, anaplasma, ehrlichia test)
  • Feline castration

Other Large Animal Services

  • Sheep/goat/alpaca pregnancy ultrasound
  • Sheep/goat/cattle/camelid vaccinations
  • Cattle pregnancy checks

Other services are available, please contact us at 978-302-7983 to discuss.