As technology advances, there are more and more ways of communications. However, the best way to reach us, remains via phone call to our main office number, 978-302-7983. If we don’t answer, it’s because we are likely in the middle of examining or treating another patient, or we are out in a remote location with unreliable cell service. Please leave a voicemail with your name, animal’s name, what your call is regarding, and the best number to reach you. We will return your routine calls within 1-2 business days.

If you have an emergency please call our emergency line at 978-300-2552. This will ring through to the on call doctor. *Please note, this phone line is for emergency purposes ONLY. When the on call doctor hears this phone ring, they will immediately stop what they are doing to answer the phone. This includes times when the veterinarian is in the middle of a surgery or a sterile procedure. It is not appropriate to call the emergency line for a non-emergency need, such as scheduling an appointment. If you abuse the emergency phone line for a routine need, you may be charged a fee for inappropriately using this service.

If you need to email us, the email address is Please note, that we do not reliably check email throughout the day, due to the inconsistent internet service while traveling. Please allow 2-3 business days for response to emails. If you have emailed and not heard back, please call us at 978-302-7983.